Control Valves



1 &2 Inch

  • The CVS Series D is a single port, screwed-in metal seated globe style valve with unbalanced post-guided plug and “push down to close” plug action used for high pressure applications. These valves are used in oil & gas production, distribution systems, and power plants.
  • These valves are especially useful for throttling or on/off control of liquids or gases. The flow characteristic is equal percent, and the flow direction is up through the seat ring and past the valve plug. This valve is available with cast integral flanges, welded flanges, or screwed connections. The valve plug and seat ring can be fitted with tungsten carbide inserts or stellite overlay. Please contact your CV sales associate for availability and delivery time.


1 – 16 Inch

    • The CVS Series E is a single port, globe style body with composition or metal seats, and a balanced valve plug.

Design ED

    • Intended for general control application over a wide variety of temperature & pressure drops. The ED has an upper piston ring seal & metal to metal seating.

Design ET

  • Used in applications requiring low leakage rates. The flow direction for standard cages is flow down, with the following flow characteristics available: linear, whisper, quick opening, and equal percent. The end connections are ASME Class 150,300 and 600 raised face or ring type joint flanges as per ASIVIE B16.34-latest edition, and butt weld, threaded on the 1″ & 2″ only.



    • The CVS Series EWD valve bodies are single port~, globe style bodies with cage guiding, clamped seat rings and push down to close vaIve plug action.
    • The series features large end connections and expanded internal flow cavities. The series is available 8×6,1 Ox8, 12×6, and 12×8 inch sizes. The first number refers to the line size, and the other refers to the trim and bonnet size.

Design EWD

    • Intended for general control applications over a wide variety of temperatures and pressure drops. This design has a balanced valve plug with metal-to-metal seating.

Design EWS

    • Intended for applications requiring better shut off capabilities than the EWD. This valve uses an unbalanced valve plug with metal-to-metal seating, or optional metal-to-TFE seating.

Design EWT

  • Suitable for applications with stringent shutoff requirements. Uses a balanced valve plug with metal-to-TFE seating, or metal-to-metal seating for use in higher temperatures.

CVS SERIES H900/H1500/H2500

  • The H2D Design is a single port, globe style body with cage guiding, and balanced valve plug.
  • Metal seat, piston rings are used to provide the seal between the valve plug and cage.
  • This configuration is used for general applications where tight shutoff is not required .
  • The H5T design is a single port, globe style body with cage guiding, balanced valve plug, metal seat, and Rressure assisted spring seal to provide the seal betweeZAthe valve plug and cage. I
  • t is designed for applications that require low leakage rates.



Available in 2 through 8 Inch Sizes

  • The CVS V100 Ball Valve design utilizes a standard ball with a triangular shaped wedge formed in it. This design allows for both throttling control and on/off service used in conjunction with a variety of actuators.
  • Typical actuators used; are the pneumatic spring and diaphragm rotary actuator (CVS 1051), and the pneumatic piston rotary actuator (CVS 1061). These actuators can be mounted either horizontally or vertically on the right or left-hand side viewed from forward flow inlet.


2-6 Inch, 2 Inch Angle Valves

  • CVS HPX Control Valves are designed for high pressure applications in the process industry.
  • Valves are cage guided, with metal seats and quick change
    trim . Balanced plugs are push down to close.
  • The HPX is a straight globe valve while the HPAX is an
    angled valve.

Series HPX2D & HPAX2

  • A piston ring provides the seal between the cage and the balanced valve plug.

Series HPX5D & HPAX5

  • A piston ring provides the seal between the cage and the balanced valve plug..

CVS Serl s128 PQC

  • The CVS Series 128-POC Control Valves are suitable for on/off dump valve service in oil & gas production applications, in either sweet or sour gas conditions. These valves are also useful for on/off high pressure control of numerous gases and liquids, and can be used with materials that are viscous or erosive.
  • This is a single port valve with unbalanced stem-guided valve plug and push down to close valve plug action . Operated by a type 128 spring and diaphragm actuator, the assembly can be operated in a normally open or normally closed application. This setting can be reversed in the field with minimum disruption and no additional parts.